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10 Pepatah Arab keturunan

  1. Ability has no school. (Turkish)
  2. Sweeter than honey is anger. (Turkish)
  3. When everyone tells you are an ass, thank good and bray. (Moorish)
  4. To get what you want you must be prepared to kiss a dog on its mouth. (Tunisian)
  5. A hundread year of tyranny is preferable to one night of anarchy. (Arabic)
  6. Better the tyranny of the believer than justice of the infidel. (Tunisian)
  7. Every bachelor is a sovereign. (Turkish)
  8. There is no religion in politics (Lebanese)
  9. Success depends on a man’s reputaton, not his soul. (Turkish)
  10. Good morning, Neighbor! You stay in your house, and i’ll stay in mine. (Arabic)

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